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Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together.

If you're a frequent reader of this site you know that Kyle and I are both fans of Athens-based alt-country rockers the Drive-By Truckers . You also probably know that we are both big fans of our SB Nation cohorts over at the superbly written and appropriately outlandish Iowa Hawkeye blog Black Heart Gold Pants .

That's why I'm pleased to direct you over to BHGP, where Oops Pow Surprise has institued a new feature: Ask A Drive-By Truckers Character , where Hawkeyes can interrogate (yes you guessed it) the characters from DBT songs. Brilliant, good sirs. Brilliant. I mean we here at Dawgsports have been running around getting advice from Houston Nutt on how to be a proper showbiz parent , but this is at least 74 times more creative, 86 times more entertaining, and just infinitely more awesome.

Go over at take a look see. It's quite an entertaining read, especially for DBT fans.