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Diamond Dogs Win First Game of Super Regional

If you were lucky, you were where you could watch ESPN at noon today, and, if you were really lucky, you were at Foley Field when the first pitch of the Athens Super Regional was thrown, but, if you were like me, you were (and still are) at work (albeit while wearing a University of Georgia necktie, naturally), so you may not have heard the news, which is this:

The Red and Black won the opening outing of the best-of-three series by an 11-4 margin. I’ll have a complete game report up later, but, for now, you should know that what had been a pitchers’ duel for five and a half frames was broken wide open in the bottom of the sixth stanza. Although it got a little hairy in the top of the ninth inning, Trevor Holder gave up two runs on a pair of solo home runs in the top of the third canto but otherwise held the Wolfpack scoreless while coming within one out of pitching a complete game.

Full-fledged postgame breakdown to follow, but, for now, celebrate! The Classic City Canines are one win away from Omaha!

Go ‘Dawgs!