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College World Series Game Four Open Comment Thread

Welcome back to your College World Series open comment thread, Bulldog Nation!

As you may have heard, the Diamond Dogs will be squaring off with Fresno State in the first game of the College World Series finals this evening. The game is slated to get underway at 7:00 tonight on ESPN2.

We’ve had three exceedingly fun open comment threads during the Red and Black’s time in Omaha, so let’s keep it going as fans while we cheer on the Classic City Canines in their effort to keep it going as a team.

Why celebrate, shout, second-guess, gripe about the announcing, grouse about the umpiring, and hope that more camera time is given to Lauren Massanari all by your lonesome when you can do all these things with your fellow loyal denizens of Bulldog Nation here at Dawg Sports? Have at it!

Go ‘Dawgs!