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Stanford Eliminates Miami to Earn Rematch With Georgia

Going into Wednesday’s elimination game between Miami (Florida) and Stanford, we knew a couple of things already.

We knew that Trevor Holder would get the start on Friday.

We knew that Quinton McDawg was right: "The more shots of Lauren Massanari, the better."

We knew we preferred the rematch with Stanford.

We knew that, no matter which team won, there would be a redundant yet superstitiously obligatory preview the night before Friday’s game.

We even knew the Hurricanes’ probable Friday starter, for all the good that datum now does us.

Joshua Fields was watching from the stands while sporting the cap of his new employer, the Seattle Mariners, as Stanford held on for an 8-3 win that was more nerve-wracking than the final score suggests.

The Diamond Dogs’ rematch with the Cardinal is scheduled to get underway at 2:00 p.m. Friday.

Go ‘Dawgs!