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Why Today Should Be a Holiday in Bulldog Nation

Last week was a busy one in Bulldog Nation, so I never quite had the time to mention this event of note, but, last Tuesday, Suzanne Yoculan added me as a friend on Facebook.

Anyone who has read Dawg Sports for any length of time at all knows full well that I am a big fan of Coach Yoculan, who recently guided the Gym Dogs to the fourth straight national championship that underscored her status as the Bear Bryant of women’s gymnastics. I know there are a lot of folks out there who don’t follow Georgia gymnastics, but I’ve been telling people they need to take in a meet at Stegeman Coliseum for years now. Coach Yoculan is a winner who produces championship teams that are exciting to watch, yet who runs her program in a responsible manner.

It is, therefore, with great appreciation for her numerous contributions to the University of Georgia (not the least of them being these) that I extend to Coach Yoculan the warmest wishes of all of us here at Dawg Sports on this, the occasion of her birthday.

Happy birthday, Coach Yoculan.

Go ‘Dawgs!