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Georgia Wins Game One in Omaha

The Diamond Dogs have just upset the top-ranked Miami Hurricanes.

There will be more to follow later, but, for now, the Red and Black have done what no team had done before . . . namely, beaten the ‘Canes in a game in which The U led after eight frames.

I thank NCT, Xon, SG Standard, and Loran Smith (not the real one) for taking part in tonight’s comment thread. It was a lot of fun, and I hope more of you will join us Monday night when Georgia takes on Stanford in the winners’ bracket.

The best line of the game, by the way, came from my son, Thomas, who is five years old and who watched the first part of the game with me. Upon seeing a shot of the crowd, he remarked, "Oh, man! They have snow cones!"

I promised to buy him a snow cone in Omaha when he is seven, nine, eleven, or 13.

Go ‘Dawgs!