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Countdown to Launch: 10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . .

I let you know earlier this week that big changes were coming soon as Dawg Sports prepared to migrate to the new SB Nation platform, which may be seen at any of the network's numerous fine major league baseball, N.B.A., or N.F.L. weblogs. (Actually, some of the college sports blogs have made the jump already, such as our Ohio State site, at which this posting on a subject near and dear to my heart appeared last night.)

Barring unforeseen complications, we are scheduled to make the switch tonight, likely at an hour late enough that you ought to be in bed by then. We're keeping our fingers crossed, but, if all goes well, the brand spankin' new version of Dawg Sports---same great content; new improved format---should be up and running by the time you rise and shine tomorrow morning.

By this time tomorrow, Dawg Sports may not look as good as Kristin Davis's face (right), but we'll look a heck of a lot better than her ass (left).

Once again, we ask you to bear with us during the time of transition as we all learn our way around our upgraded digs. If you haven't done so already, go ahead and claim your network-wide user name. After the transition, there will be a masthead located at the bottom of the left-hand column on the main page, which features the site's e-mail address.

Also, the blog roll to the right will be trimmed down somewhat; I may beef it back up again later, but I wanted to take the opportunity to streamline the site somewhat. Any bloggers who remain in regular operation whose sites got lost in the shuffle are welcome to write to me and ask to be put back on, which will be done promptly in the absence of some compelling reason to the contrary.

Finally, I truly would be remiss if I failed to thank Trei, from whom you'll probably be reading a posting like this one by this time tomorrow, and the members of his team, who have invested untold hours of effort redesigning and upgrading the network while putting up with inane questions from technophobic bloggers like, well, me. Much obliged, gentlemen.

Go 'Dawgs!