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A First and Last Look at Georgia Tech

We’ve taken a gander at Lipscomb and Louisville, but the remaining team in the Athens Regional is all too familiar to us, as the Diamond Dogs have faced the Yellow Jackets three times already. Let me guess . . . they’re going to start Deck McGuire against us, right?

Accordingly, the goal of my observations regarding Georgia Tech will be to belittle rather than be analytical. To wit:

What do Joe Hamilton and I have in common? Neither one of us enrolled at Georgia Tech.

The real question, of course, is how the Golden Tornado will make the trek from Atlanta to Athens. Will they come by bus? Will they come by car? (Oh, right . . . I forgot!) Since their jalopy’s in the shop, I guess they’ll have to take "The M Train":

One serious point needs to be made, because some respected SB Nation colleagues of mine from outside the Empire State of the South have made this mistake before. Just as Bruins Nation alluded to the support the Yellow Jackets found "on the campus of archrival Georgia" during last year’s women’s tennis final, so too has Card Chronicle referred to Louisville’s need "to take out a pair of teams in their own backyard."

That is a fair complaint about the Diamond Dogs; home field advantage can be an important factor, which is why the right to host regionals and super regionals is sought so ardently. However, the Cardinal faithful may rest assured that the home crowd will be rooting for both teams wearing red tomorrow, in the hope that Georgia and Louisville will meet on Saturday evening after the Cards have consigned the Yellow Jackets to the losers’ bracket where they belong.

Go ‘Dawgs!