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Should the Georgia Bulldogs Retire David Pollack's No. 47 Jersey?

The news of David Pollack's retirement from football is, of course, no longer news; it may not even have been news at the time it was announced, as the handwriting has been on the wall for a while now. However, the timing of the beloved Georgia great's official retirement coincided with randomterrace's advocacy of retiring Pollack's jersey, prompting perhaps the most forthright poll question in Dawg Sports history: "Should David Pollack's No. 47 jersey be retired?"

The voting was closer than I anticipated. I figured the pros would run something like ten-to-one over the cons. Instead, 89 of 142 total voters (62.7%) favored placing Pollack's number in the trophy case alongside Nos. 21, 34, 40, and 62, while fully 53 voters (37.3%) opposed randomterrace's idea.

Personally, I'm more interested in seeing Pollack standing on the Sanford Stadium sideline than in seeing him enshrined in Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, but I had not expected more than one-third of those taking part in the poll to give this one the thumbs-down. I'm not criticizing, but I am curious. I would be most appreciative if those of you who opposed the notion of retiring David Pollack's jersey would be kind enough to offer your reasons in the comments below or (like fotodog did) provide a rationale at greater length in the diaries to your right.

I'm not calling out those who voted nay; I was just surprised by the relatively narrow margin and I'm genuinely interested in hearing why this particular corner of Bulldog Nation took the position that it did.

Go 'Dawgs!