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Random Wednesday Morning Thought and Building the FanShot Highlight Bank

Is it technically correct to refer to a redneck party as a bubba fete?

But, seriously, folks, a recent posting over at Roll Bama Roll reminded me that, now that Dawg Sports has been moved over to the new SB Nation platform, it’s time we started putting all these new-fangled gizmos to good use, so I’m going to borrow a page from Burnt Orange Nation; to wit:

    1. Go here, right-click on the "Share on SB Nation" button, and choose "Add to Favorites."

    2. Go to YouTube and find a Georgia highlight for which you have a particular affinity. (No, you can’t all pick Buck Belue to Lindsay Scott.)

    3. Use your FanShot widget to send that highlight to Dawg Sports.

    4. Make sure you tag the FanShot with relevant descriptive terms, including "Georgia," "YouTube," and "highlights."

Go ‘Dawgs!