G-Day (inadvertently) reminded me once again of one of my biggest pet peeves about the Georgia program - one of our current players (I have no idea who) wears number 47.

David Pollack, in only three years, registered 283 tackles, 58.5 for a loss and 34 sacks, a Georgia record. He was responsible for 117 QB pressures, 18 defensed passes, 4 (that's right 4) interceptions, 7 forced fumbles (with three recoveries) and four blocked kicks.

David Pollack won SEC Player of the Year in 2002, Defensive Player of the Year in 2004, 2 Hendricks Awards, the Lomardi Award, the Bednarik Award and the Lott Trophy.

No player ever played harder, with more determination or fire. Few played with the same stregth of character. For a generation of Georgia fans, David Pollack (along with David Greene) is the ultimate expression of Georgia football. His play against South Carolina is emblazoned on the pages of Georgia lore forever, not only as a great moment in itself, but as the first chapter in the story of the program's greatest hero.

That's right, it's greatest. Herchel was amazing, but everybody knew he would be before he ever stepped on campus. As possibly the biggest recruit of all time, his success, while extraordinary, wasn't beyond the imagination.

David Pollack was a fullback his freshman year. Pollack is the embodiement of Finish the Drill, of work ethic and desire, of all those things your father tried to teach you when you were small.

David Pollack is the programs second three-time All American. The first has already had his number retired.

It's time for another retirement ceremony.

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