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Gators Shatter Crystal Football; Desmond Tutu Torches Tebow's Heisman

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In the words (or, I guess, the guttural utterance) of Nelson Muntz, "Ha-ha!":

Florida's football team last week suffered an accident with its BCS championship trophy from the 2006 national title. University officials confirmed that the Waterford crystal trophy was knocked off its pedestal and destroyed.

It may remain a mystery who actually destroyed the crystal football, which shattered after hitting the ground outside head coach Urban Meyer's office. Florida has already contacted the company in Kentucky that makes the base of the trophy and imports the crystal from Ireland for a replacement.

Florida associate athletic director Chip Howard confirmed the accident. The trophy was sitting on a coffee table outside of Meyer's office while construction of new coaches' offices is being completed.

I believe we have found the antidote to the pre-season Florida hype. It's great to be a Gator hater!

Go 'Dawgs!