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Win One For Larry!

In case you missed it, Spencer Hall of Every Day Should Be Saturday fame, and Sporting News fame, and Food Network fame (ok, not really, but I was on a roll and Kyle tells me that the guy grills some mean fish) has a great piece on Larry Munson published by the Sporting News.

Spencer is a Florida Gator fan and UF undergraduate who attended graduate school at Georgia Tech. In short, no human being in the metro Atlanta area ever had less reason to admire the legendary voice of the Georgia Bulldogs than Spencer Hall. But of course, I don't think anyone dislikes Larry Munson. Nor should they. The guy is synonymous with college football for most of us who grew up listening to him. Always will be, as far as I'm concerned.

There's a lot of talk these days of Mark Richt's squad making a run at a national title this season. They have as good a chance of doing so as they have at any time during my lifetime, and that includes the one time during my lifetime when the Georgia Bulldogs actually won a national title.

I try not to talk about such things. My feeling is that if a team wins every game one game at a time, they have a shot at a national title. In today's topsy-turvy BCS-regulated, hype-driven college football landscape, that's about all you can ask for. If you lose one game, you lose control. Perhaps, despite a basic reliance on logic in all other realms of life, I don't want to talk about national titles because I don't want to "jinx it."

But the thought has occurred to me a couple of times since Larry's surgery the other day, so I'll just come out and say it: wouldn't it be wonderful if the team could win one for Larry in 2008-09? Just a thought.