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Bloggin' Credit Where Credit is Due . . .

I have a confession to make. I write for a college sports blog, but I don't feel like I do a great job of keeping up with what goes on in the college sports blogosphere. I mean, for starters there are a gajillion good ones out there. And I have a lot of other stuff going on. A job. Family obligations. Mixed martial arts sparring with Kyle over whose beard is the most awesome.

But occasionally I like to stick my head out of the foxhole and see what I've been missing. One of the blogs I've been missing is The Red Solo Cup, written by a consortium of Ole Miss fans. This past week they've been pretty much on fire. I'm talking, like, the best blog week ever.

First, they brought us proof that, contrary to the NCAA's contentions, Ole Miss offensive lineman/ent Jerrell Powe can sign his own name. I personally never doubted that. I do doubt that Powe can walk past an unattended box of Little Debbie snack cakes without it disappearing in a flurry. But I have the same problem. As does Nick Saban, so I guess that's not really a character flaw.

Then, in the wake of the University of Memphis' utter implosion in the finale of the NCAA mens' basketball tournament, they reminded the entire city of Memphis that they are, well, Memphis, and Ole Miss baseballer Tim Ferguson that "Fergalicious" just ain't appropriate intro music for a college-aged man's plate appearances.

Now, The Red Solo Cup brings you the tragic story of Terrance of Oxford, who is a little like Helen of Troy, except that he's 6'5 and from Detroit. The Terrance in question is Ole Miss basketball player Terrance Watson, who appears to have been the object of several womens' affections around campus. Nothing unusual there. Most star athletes maintain a pretty full dance card. In this case however, unable to decide who got Terrance by playing "rock, paper, scissors", his legion of suitors resorted to a game of "Campus, Boxcutter, Youtube", which is equally entertaining, but significantly more dangerous for all involved.

All this before the Houston Nutt era in Oxford even gets started in earnest. As stated here previously, Oxford is the town where the blog entries very nearly could write themselves. In all seriousness, it's a great blog. Check it out. And ladies, stay away from Terrance Watson. He's the small forward your mother warned you about.