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Monday Night Dawg Bites

March 31 marks the due date for football season ticket orders and the start of the week that will culminate with the G-Day game and Bloggerpalooza, but our focus, while primarily pigskin-centric, is not confined exclusively to the gridiron. In addition to the Diamond Dogs' three-game series win in Starkville over the weekend, these events of note have occurred recently under the aegis of University of Georgia athletics:

How might Katie Heenan's college total be put into perspective? Well, if her point tally was a "Star Trek" stardate, she would fall somewhere between "Balance of Terror" and "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"

There you go, Sarah. (See? I told you the joke worked equally well with softball!)

He may not have a national championship, but he writes a heck of an advice column.

I apologize for ending this rundown on a sour note, but, hey, we call the site "Dawg Sports" for a reason. Next up for the Red and Black is a home-and-home baseball series between Georgia and Clemson on Tuesday and Wednesday. The first pitch of the two-game set is scheduled for 7:06 p.m. on April 1. No foolin'.

Go 'Dawgs!