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Bloggerpalooza '08: Belated G-Day Game Tailgate Update

My G-Day tickets arrived in the mail this week, which can only mean one thing: Doug Gillett, proprietor of Hey Jenny Slater and two-time College Football Blogger Award winner, will be going slumming by tailgating with me, co-author of a four-time C.F.B.A. runner-up, at 2008's third annual installment of Bloggerpalooza.

On the docket for this year:

  • What will the weather hold in store for us? We went from pouring down rain in 2006 to sunny yet freezing in 2007. If the weather is nice in Athens one week from Saturday, I'll be ratcheting up the national championship talk to a degree best described using exponential notation.
  • Is it time to change the nomenclature of the event? Thus far, we've been going with "Bloggerpalooza '06," "Bloggerpalooza '07," et al. Now that we've reached the third installment---the point, in relative terms, at which Joe Namath's guarantee of victory made the Super Bowl "Super Bowl III," even though the two previous such games had not been called "Super Bowl I" and "Super Bowl II"---is it time to drop the truncated two-digit year designation and begin using Roman numerals instead?
  • Finally, will the sly and cynical Doug we all know and love re-emerge? I'm happy for Doug that he has found hope in the form of a presidential candidate, but I must admit that there are few notions I find more deeply philosophically troubling than the idea of a citizen who has reached the age of legal adulthood basing any appreciable portion of his faith in the future on the benevolence of a politician. Will Doug (who knows full well that I, as a conservative, have no particular affinity for John McCain, the perpetrator of the anti-First Amendment crusade called "campaign finance reform") succeed in persuading me to support the candidate of hope or will I (who know full well that, in his heart of hearts, Doug is too world-weary and sarcastic truly to be sold on a presidential candidate, much less one who actually believes what he says) be able to bring him around to my own Joel Stein-like suspicions concerning a would-be leader of the free world hamstrung by the handicap of earnest sincerity?
In any event, come one, come all; Doug and I hope to see Bulldog Nation out in force to prove once again that we tailgate harder for the spring scrimmage than most fans do for actual games. I hope to see you there.

Go 'Dawgs!