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Professor X's Band of Danged Dirty Mutants Shoves Cinderella Down Stairs

I agree with ImaRealist: "It was fun while it lasted." For the 40 per cent of you who predicted Dennis's Dogs would be ousted after one game, you were right.

In Xavier's 73-61 first-round win over Georgia, the Musketeers went on a second-half run, just like MaconDawg said they would, but, even so, the Bulldogs will get to update a couple of banners, which represents no small achievement for a basketball program as tradition-starved as ours.

"It was a trick, General. . . . There were five of 'em!"

While the doubters have been many---Truzenzuzex was a true believer, but Jebus, Peter, and AW were not---enthusiasm has been high, which gives Coach Felton and his team something upon which to build next season. Where do we go from here? You tell me.

Our congratulations go out to Coach Felton and the team for what was not, on the whole, a stellar season---no team in the league had a worse regular-season record than Georgia's, either overall or in conference play---but was one of the more inspiring and encouraging culminations to a Bulldog basketball season in many a moon.

Go 'Dawgs!