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Over or Under: March Madness Edition.

Like Kyle, I have to admit to being a little confounded about how to act these days. I mean, none of us have had to figure out how to react to a moderately successful UGA mens basketball team since the Gin Blossoms were popular and Bill Clinton was in the White House. Our friends over at A Sea of Blue assure us that we'll eventually learn to thrive in this brave new world. But until then, I'm going to have to fall back on my football blogging experience to figure out exactly how to cover a big basketball game. So here's the drill: Tomorrow I'll be here early with 5 Things: The March Madness Edition. But first, over or under?

1) Dave Bliss will have 4.9 fouls at the end of regulation.

2) Billy Humphrey will hit 3.9 3-pointers.

3) Sundiata Gaines will snag 5.9 rebounds.

4) Albert Jackson will score 9.9 points.

5) Terrence Woodbury will score 9.9 points.

6) Jeremy Price will score 9.9 points.

7)The University of Georgia will score 64.9 points.

8) Xavier University will score 64.9 points.

As always, your guesses, and the reasons for them, are welcome in the comments.