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Completely Unrelated: This Is Not That Kind of Weblog

During lunch this afternoon, I took a moment to check the Dawg Sports site meter and was pleased to discover that MaconDawg and I were having a good day of traffic. (As of about 8:00 p.m., we had welcomed approximately 3,200 visitors, who had viewed roughly 4,600 pages.)

It seemed reasonable that we had gotten this sort of a boost, in light of the Georgia men's basketball team's miracle run through the S.E.C. tournament and subsequent bid to the big dance. I figured lots of folks were looking to find out about Dennis's Dogs, which probably would mean traffic surges for every weblog in Bulldog Nation. Why shouldn't the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's "staff pick" be among those enjoying a bump in readership?

Naturally, I took a gander at our referrals and was surprised to see that the uptick was being driven not by searches for Dennis Felton or Sundiata Gaines, but by searches for . . . Kristin Davis?

O.K., O.K., I know, I know, I used to post a lot of pictures of Kristin Davis before a thought-provoking reader comment persuaded me to abandon the practice. I know there are a lot of older postings here at Dawg Sports that feature her photograph, so, yeah, it figures that we'd be picked up by a few image searches, but . . . that many in one day?

That seemed more than a little odd, so I went to Google News, did a search for Kristin Davis, and found . . . this.

Accordingly, I feel compelled to offer the following disclaimer:

Dawg Sports is a weblog devoted to intercollegiate athletics generally and to University of Georgia sports specifically. We do not provide celebrity gossip or salacious pictures. If you stumbled upon us while searching for such, you came to the wrong place.

Also, if you're searching for celebrity porn at 10:30 on a Tuesday morning, you may want to rethink some of the fundamental tenets of your existence.

This has been a public service announcement. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled weblog, which is already in progress.

Go 'Dawgs!