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What Would Damon Do? Part Deux.

I had this long, long post prepared with all the reasons Dennis Felton needs to go. But I just can't bear to pull the trigger on the thing. I just don't like the idea of calling for one of our coaches to get the ax. Instead, I'd like to point your attention to tonight's SEC tournament game against Ole Miss (9:45 start time), and ask a question:

If the 'Dawgs beat Ole Miss, what happens?  And what if they then beat their second round opponent (Kentucky), does that clinch Felton's return? Stranger things have transpired (though not much stranger). I tend to think that if Felton's charges are still playing on Saturday, we get at least one more season of the "lack of motion" offense, which has been putrid in so many ways this season.  But that won't happen. If it does, so help me, on Monday I will post my list of the five things I most like about Mike Greenberg.

And an observation: if the University does make a move, lets hope they do it quickly, because this thing really doesn't need to be dragged out. Everybody hope for the best, and . . .

Go 'Dawgs!