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Saturday Afternoon Dawg Bites

It is really, truly, irrevocably the offseason. The Super Bowl (a/k/a the methadone program for college football fans) is done. High school players' letters of intent have been signed, sealed, and delivered. Heck, we're still 56 days away from the G-Day game, and even Bloggerpalooza '08 is liable to consist mostly of possible Democratic National Convention delegate Doug Gillett attempting in vain to persuade me to vote for a guy whose name sounds like the answer to a Carnac the Magnificent question.

The last time we elected as president a political novice from the Prairie State, my home town was burned to the ground and my great-great-grandfather was confined to a prisoner of war camp run by the U.S. government, so Doug's going to have a pretty tough time getting me on board the Barack Obama bandwagon.

Here are a few items of interest deserving of our notice this weekend:

This mention of University of Georgia tennis is accompanied by an obligatory photograph of Dan Magill.

Georgia's Mark Richt has made it clear that he wants to spend his entire career as the Bulldogs' head coach. Richt backed up that claim when he signed his eight-year deal in January of 2006. Richt agreed to the most basic -- and most expensive -- of buyouts. If he is fired, Georgia owes him $2 million for every remaining year on the contract. If he leaves, Richt owes Georgia the same amount.

By contrast, Urban Meyer has a $500,000 buyout and Nick Saban has no buyout at all. I'm sure that's in no way indicative of those coaches' devotion to their respective schools, though.

Go 'Dawgs!