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The Day After: Putting National Signing Day in Perspective

Now that the tumult of national signing day (no, not that national signing day!) has passed, the time has come for something completely unrelated.

Since recruiting season ultimately comes down to decisions made by youngsters, I elected to share a few recent examples from my own meandering experience, in order to illuminate the thought processes of those who have not yet reached the age of legal adulthood.

Much as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar did when including Irene Ryan among their top ten babes, I offer the following as a sorbet to cleanse the palate:

On Tuesday evening, after realizing that he had seen "Veggie Tales" superhero Larry-Boy appear in one place with a cape and in another place without one, my son, Thomas, who is almost five years old, asked why this was.

"Maybe," I suggested, "he had a cape at first, then he went to see Edna Mode from 'The Incredibles' and she told him, 'No capes!'"

"Edna Mode's not in 'Veggie Tales,'" he replied. "She's not a veggie."

Earlier in the week, Thomas realized the true significance of the fact that he has a relative living in New York City.

"Mom," he asked my wife, Susan, "has Uncle Craig ever met Spider-Man?"

The following compliment was paid to me on Wednesday afternoon by a member of the high school mock trial team I am helping to coach:

"I like your grey suit/grey shirt/grey tie combination. It matches the grey in your hair."

Bear that in mind before becoming unduly overwrought over the college choices of teenage boys. Youth remains, as always, wasted on the young.

Go 'Dawgs!