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Christmas in February (Unless You're Paul Johnson, Of Course)

It's here, it's here! The day when we can finally stop speculating about where America's top high school football players will be going to school, and instead start speculating about what position they'll play, whether they'll see the field as freshmen, and who paid them under the table to commit to our rivals at the last possible moment. Updates forthcoming throughout the day but until then, be aware. . .

We won't be updating the list of signed letters of intent throughout the morning, because we have jobs and stuff. But if you want that go to, or The Dawgvent, which will certainly have people posting from Athens on their Blackberries all day. I will however summarize the list after the intial morning flurry. If years past are any indicator, almost all Bulldog signees will have their signed letters of intent in by lunch, so that's probably when we'll take stock.

If you live in Macon or surrounding areas, WIFN (105.5 FM) will have interviews this afternoon from 1-4 with Coach Bobo and several of the incoming players. It may be broadcast on other ESPN Radio affiliates too, but I don't listen to other affiliates on my morning drive to hear their commercials, so i don't know.

We will be back this evening with some "awards" of sorts for the incoming class. I use the term award loosely because, per NCAA rules, there won't be any trophy or other items of value (or trophies with no value, for that matter).

In the meantime, what player are you readers most excited about seeing in red and black? It doesn't have to be the "best" player in the signing class, just a signee who you are psyched that we got whether because of immediate impact, attitude, potential, favorite color, shoe size, whatever. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!