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Was It Something I Said?

All right, all right, all right; I had to go and turn the Giants' Super Bowl victory into an anti-playoff diatribe, didn't I?

Despite my atypical brevity, I provoked a modicum of discussion, but, ultimately, fotodog is right that we have to set this argument aside at least some of the time.

Accordingly, I will shift my focus from beating the anti-playoff drum and instead offer actual commentary in the form of a (slightly edited) e-mail I received earlier today from a family member of mine who happens to be a University of Mississippi graduate and a New York City resident, and who had this to allow upon the topic at hand:

I know the pro game isn't as much your thing, but bear with me. Ole Miss rarely gives me a lot to cheer about, and since Eli Manning went to Ole Miss and now lives and works in New York, I have to love this feeling.

Today, I have a fever. And the only prescription ... is more Eli.

I've watched this play at least 40 times today. No exaggeration. I can't stop. For a quarterback who's been accused of curling up like a little baby against a pass rush, that was one gutsy (and probably stupid) throw, and an amazing catch.

Let's watch it again.

See what I mean? That was awesome again! Some Rebel/Giants fans and I are now engaged in hot debate over the exact wording of the name we should give to this play. I like "The Escape," whereas "The Miracle Escape," "The Miracle Pass," "3rd and 5," and simply "The Pass" are receiving a lot of consideration. If I had a blog, I'd put it to a poll vote. Whatever we call it, I'm ready to declare it the NFL's Official Greatest Play Ever. Pittsburgh's Immaculate Reception? Child's play. The fact that it ruined the Patriots' season is just gravy. Maybe it's worth watching ... one ... more ... NO! I won't do it. I have to get on with my life.

Oh, what the hell.

Holy crap! Did you see that? He came down with it! He caught it on his helmet! I know I've already seen it many times, but I swear I thought Eli was going to get sacked that time. But he didn't!


Watson is right: New York deserves to be congratulated for the victory, regardless of other considerations. Kudos to Eli for doing the S.E.C. proud and beating out that philandering Big Ten quarterback. (Sorry, Dave . . . they can't all be crowd-pleasers!)

Go 'Dawgs!