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My Sister-in-Law is Going to be So Impressed with Me After This

My thanks go out to Dawg Sports reader Dylan, who sent me an e-mail with a link that reminded me that it was high time I reported the most recent poll results. (I'll get to the details of the link Dylan sent forthwith.)

Shortly following Ohio State's latest demolition at the hands of an S.E.C. team, I asked the question, "Who is the dumbest football coach ever to win a national championship?" It was not at all surprising that Les Miles finished with a comfortable plurality, pulling in 165 of the 454 votes cast (36.3%).

Former Clemson coach Danny Ford was solidly in second place with 102 votes (22.7%), followed by Miami's Larry Coker with 71 votes (15.6%). 56 of those casting ballots (12.3%) wondered whether titles won with Bill Curry's and Ron Zook's recruits counted and 33 of you gave the nod to Georgia Tech's Bobby Ross (7.3%). In last place were the 27 members of the electorate (6.0%) who asked, "Does Chan Gailey's title at Troy State count?"

With the season set to start only a little over a week from now, the new poll question is pertinent for those of the Georgia faithful who plan to follow the action at Foley Field: "How far will the Diamond Dogs go this baseball season?"

This brings me back to Dylan's e-mail, which reminded me to post the final tally from the poll. Dylan sent me the link to the following video:

I cannot say for certain whether the recent expression of pro-Trev sentiments here at Dawg Sports garnered the Sprint Exclusive Entertainment commentator's attention, but it's nice to be mentioned. Trev has always been a popular guy here in Bulldog Nation, owing largely to the fact that he used to be ESPN's lone pro-Georgia voice (well, that, and the fact that my sister-in-law, Jeannie, always thought he was hot), and now he's given us another reason to think well of him.

Thanks, Trev. Oh . . . and, as for that whole what-if-Mark-Richt-never-wins-a-national-title? thing, I think that line of speculation will remain valid all the way up until next January.

Go 'Dawgs!