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Auburn Tigers Interview Derek Dooley; History Teaches Georgia Bulldogs to Hope

The year was 1980.

No, I’m not bringing it up for that reason; believe me, after the way my preseason hopes were dashed in a bloodletting that left me conflicted and confused before finally leaving me convinced that heads should roll, the last thing I want to do is talk about a national championship the Bulldogs won when I was twelve.

In order to illustrate just how long ago 1980 was, I would like to point out that I, like Mike Gundy at the time of the most famous coaching YouTube clip not involving Will Muschamp using one of George Carlin’s seven dirty words, am 40.

No, I’m thinking of the fact that Auburn had just fired Doug Barfield after five failed seasons as the Tigers’ head football coach and were in the market for a replacement. One of the names high on the Plainsmen’s list was, of course, that of Vince Dooley, an Auburn alum whose success as an S.E.C. head coach could not be gainsaid, as he had just guided the ‘Dawgs to their fourth conference crown of his tenure in the Classic City.

Ultimately, Coach Dooley rejected his alma mater’s offer, and, shortly thereafter, defensive coordinator Erk Russell, who undoubtedly would have succeeded him as head coach at Georgia, left Athens to revive the dormant program in Statesboro.

Fastforward 28 years. The Plainsmen once more are looking for a new head coach. Naturally, I would love to see our oldest rivals whiff on this hire, because what’s bad for Auburn is good for Georgia. Consequently, I share MaconDawg’s, Paul Westerdawg’s, and Orson Swindle’s zeal for Patrick Nix and I would take great delight in seeing the Tigers impaling themselves with their selection of a new coach.


Why do I mention the 1980 connection? Because Derek Dooley has interviewed for the Auburn job.

Obviously, history from 1980 did not repeat itself in 2008 in the way that most would have been to Bulldog Nation’s liking. Nevertheless, there’s a chance another momentous event from 28 years ago could recur in a way that bodes much more favorably for the Red and Black than it did in the previous instance.

In 1980, Auburn tried to hire Coach Dooley, after which Georgia’s defensive coordinator took a head coaching position elsewhere.

In 2008, Auburn may try to hire Coach Dooley, so . . .

Hire Willie Martinez! Somebody! Anybody!

Hey, it worked with Neil Callaway . . .

Well, a guy can hope, anyway.

Go ‘Dawgs!