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Georgia Bulldogs Drop in BlogPoll, S.E.C. Power Poll

The interesting point about this week’s BlogPoll isn’t the fact that Alabama received 48 first-place votes to retain the No. 1 ranking, or the fact that Florida took the top spot on 13 ballots to hold fast at No. 2, it’s the fact that Oklahoma, with eight first-place votes, comfortably beat out Texas, with five first-place votes, for the No. 3 slot.

Georgia dropped five spots to No. 18 and the Bulldogs’ likely bowl opponent, Michigan State, stayed put at No. 20. My ballot figured somewhat prominently in the running for the extracurricular awards designations, as I was the bronze medalist for "Mr. Bold," the silver medalist for "Mr. Manic-Depressive," and the gold medalist for "The Straight Bangin’ Award." At long last, I appear to have struck a much-needed balance, preserving my independence of thought without coming across as completely crazy.

There were some interesting developments in the final regular-season S.E.C. Power Poll, as well, as the Rebels moved past the Bulldogs into third place. The Gators (with ten first-place votes) and the Crimson Tide (with seven) finished first and second, respectively. We’ll know Saturday whether the BlogPoll or the S.E.C. Power Poll is right about the respective rankings of Alabama and Florida.

Go ‘Dawgs!