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Auburn Searchapalooza '08: Is Today the Day the Music Dies?

Much as I'd like to keep playing guest disc jockey for Auburn's ham-handed coaching search, I'm afraid there's no need. The Tigers have found themselves a new man: Iowa State head coach Gene Chizik.

What? You didn't see that one coming? You clearly lack the foresight of Auburn AD Jay Jacobs. After all, who wouldn't want a guy who's led the Cyclones to a 5-19 record during his tenure and is currently riding a torrid 10 game losing streak?

Chizik's hiring is further proof that people are more comfortable with the demonstrated incompetence they know than almost any unknown quantity (Exhibit B? Wade Phillips, of course.) Chizik served as defensive coordinator on Tommy Tuberville's undefeated 2004 Auburn squad, then went to fill the same job at Texas under Mack Brown on the Longhorns' 2005 National Championship team. He parlayed this hot streak into the job at Iowa State. This perhaps may have been the first clue that the guy can't be that damned sharp. That career trajectory is the equivalent of hotwiring a Ferrari then running it through the front window of an Arby's.

Maybe Gene Chizik did his best at Iowa State in a job that would have been impossible for Bear Bryant to do better. But I doubt it. Instead, I think he's another guy who was an excellent coordinator, but sucked out loud when he took the captain's chair. But that's nothing to be ashamed of. Ron Zook after all was an excellent coordinator at Florida. That should give Auburn fans some comfort. Congratulations Auburn fans. I could only be more impressed if you hired Patrick Nix. Your loss, I guess.