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Auburn Searchapalooza '08: Today's Theme Music

There are few things more sincerely enjoyable than watching one's rivals thrash around in a pool of their own tepid liquid incompetence. Speaking of which, Gary Patterson appears out of the running to be the next coach at Auburn.

Who will be the next skipper of the good ship WarPlainsTigerSociologist? Hell if I know. But what i do know is that everything is better with music, including coaching searches that appear to be run by the Marx Brothers. So, until further notice, I'll be posting a daily theme song for what I have dubbed Auburn Searchapalooza '08. Of course, this could go on for one day (if they choose any one of a number of available college coaches) to several weeks (if they go for an NFL Assistant who'll be locked up through the playoffs). Who knows?

I guarantee you it isn't Jay Jacobs. He's been bouncing around the room looking for a dance partner like the kid who hasn't discovered deodorant yet at a junior high dance. Muschamp? Nope. He'll be sitting this one out. Paul Johnson? Unlikely. Steve Spurrier? Nucking futs. In honor of Auburn's ever spinning candidate roster, your inaugural Searchapalooza '08 theme song is. . .

Bouncing Around the Room, by Phish:

It's loopy, trippy and spacey, much like Auburn's coaching search. Oh, and both appear to have been orchestrated by people under the influence of psychedelic drugs. I'll be back tomorrow with more on this never ending saga, please just make it stop developing story. until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

*By the way, there's a 35% chance that this song will become lodged in your cranium and not dislodge itself for weeks. Even months. You can just thank me later.