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Florida Gators Ranked No. 1 in BlogPoll; Bulldog Nation Remains Depressed

The final regular season BlogPoll has been posted and there are few surprises.

The Crimson Tide dropped three spots from first to fourth, while the Gators (with 31 first-place votes), Sooners (19), and Longhorns (7) each inched up a notch to take over the top three poll positions, respectively.

The Bulldogs, who are the BlogPoll’s third highest-ranked S.E.C. squad, advanced two spaces to No. 16, slightly behind No. 14 Georgia Tech and just ahead of 17th-ranked Capital One Bowl opponent Michigan State and 18th-ranked Cotton Bowl-bound Ole Miss.

Incidentally, I retained custody of the Straight Bangin’ Award by displaying a -3.91 bias against my own team, giving me rather a substantial edge over the second-place finisher (-1.91), so, yeah, I’m still in a funk after Georgia’s loss to Georgia Tech turned a disappointing season into a disastrous one.

Go ‘Dawgs!