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Comparatively Little Information on the Georgia-Kentucky Game

As I indicated would be the case this morning, my responses to A Sea of Blue’s interview questions are up and they may be found here.

Ordinarily, this is the time of the week at which I present a little segment we like to call "Too Much Information." However, the cold I have been fighting off and on for what feels like a month now appears to have morphed into a sinus infection, so my head feels like Armageddon in an echo chamber. (I’m fairly certain the phrase "Armageddon in an echo chamber" is from an old issue of Howard the Duck---the clever comic book, not the atrocious movie---and the fact that my subconscious is pulling up random phrases from the 1970s ought to give you some indication of how under the weather I am.)

In any event, I am too ill to offer much in the way of insight, so there will be no formal installment of Too Much Information this week. Mea culpa.

Not to worry, though; if memory serves, the last time I elected to forego Too Much Information, the result was an impressive Georgia road win. Be sure to check out Doug Gillett’s, Gamecock Man’s, Senator Blutarsky’s, David Hale’s, and Quinton McDawg’s takes on the game.

As for me, I think I’m going to turn in early this evening.

Go ‘Dawgs!