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Cocktail Thursday: Kentucky Edition.

You wouldn't know it from a glance at most Bulldog blogs and message boards, but I swear there's a University of Georgia football game this weekend. The apathy is not entirely unexpected given the repeated gut punching we took in Jacksonville a little less than a week ago. But that apathy is a dangerous thing, especially going into a game against a 6-3 SEC East squad with an exceptional pass rush, an above average secondary, and big wins over Mississippi State and Arkansas. OK, maybe that last bit was a tad over the top.

12:30 starts against Kentucky in Lexington are however very dangerous. We should know this by now. Heck, the last time we played Rich Brooks' squad in Commonwealth Stadium, the outcome was the most maddening of my blogging career, a moment that I consider my own private Doug Gillett toaster party. It was a moment in my fandom that I revisit only when I feel myself on the precipice of pure rage, a little reminder of exactly how bad things can get. Let's all hope there's no reason for similar arithmetic this weekend.

I'm expecting something of a hangover from the Cocktail Party. Early start, two successive bruising contests against physical opponents, and a stadium so quiet as to be disconcerting. All bad omens. I don't think that the Mildcats have enough to take down the Bulldogs. They're young at quarterback, vulnerable at the skill positions, and lack the depth required to sustain consistent shelling down the stretch. But I also don't think that any of us is going to feel totally cleansed by the outcome. The stink from Jacksonville Municipal Stadium just won't be washed off that easily.

All I ask out of this Staurday is that the weather and fans in bourbon country be kind, and that the 'Dawgs show enough punch to go to 8-2. And that's about all I ask you to hope for as well. And while you're standing around hoping for good bourbon and offensive punch, you should probably enjoy some bourbon punch. You'll need:

32 oz. cranberry juice

8 oz.  pineapple juice

8 oz.  orange juice
6 oz.  lemon juice
12 oz.  Bourbon (Take your pick of brands. Kentucky is bourbon country, after all.)
48 oz. ginger ale


Directions: Combine everything except the ginger ale. Just before serving stir in chilled ginger ale.

I know, it's a bit fruitier than our average gameday cocktail. But winter's coming and you need your vitamin C. Trust me, it's for your health. And note that the above recipe makes a lot of bourbon punch. Feel free to share with your neighbors.

I'll be travelling tomorrow, but I'll be back either tomorrow night  or Saturday with this week's 5 Things. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!