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Georgia Bulldogs 13th in BlogPoll, Third in S.E.C. Power Poll

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The new BlogPoll has been released and confusion reigns: Alabama is No. 1 with 42 first-place votes, trailed by No. 2 Texas Tech with 21, No. 3 Penn State with ten, and No. 4 Florida and No. 6 Oklahoma with one each. Texas checks in at No. 5 without being ranked first on any BlogPollster’s ballot.

Georgia dropped five spots to No. 13, just behind Ohio State and just ahead of Missouri. The S.E.C. also is represented by No. 16 Louisiana State.

While I did not win any of the extracurricular awards, my ballot came in second in the running for Mr. Numb Existence---which goes to the voter whose views conform most nearly to those of the poll as a whole; I know, I’m as shocked as you are---and third in the race for Mr. Manic-Depressive. They’re overrated! They’re underrated! She’s my sister! She’s my daughter!

Closer to home, the chase for the top spot in the S.E.C. Power Poll has tightened up, as the Crimson Tide lead the surging Gators by a margin of ten first-place votes to eight. The Bulldogs rank third, just out in front of the Bayou Bengals.

Finally, I appeared on the latest edition of CFB Weekly. You may listen by clicking here or download the mp3 by clicking here.

Go ‘Dawgs!