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Georgia Bulldogs Ranked 10th in Country, Third in S.E.C.

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I apologize for the fact that I am a little bit behind in bringing this to you, but the times, they are a-changing, so it took a little longer than usual to point and click my way to the relevant data, for reasons which will become apparent forthwith.

This week’s S.E.C. Power Poll and BlogPoll are available for your perusal, with the latter now appearing at CBS Sports, right alongside the sportswriters’ poll. (Insert your cheap shot at Buzz Bissinger here.)

Oklahoma occupies the top spot in the BlogPoll, with Alabama ranked second. Georgia is ranked tenth, behind No. 5 Louisiana State but ahead of No. 11 Vanderbilt and No. 12 Florida. The S.E.C. Power Poll has the top five teams in the conference arranged in the same sequence: Tide, Tigers, Bulldogs, Commodores, Gators.

With respect to the BlogPoll extracurriculars, my ballot was a non-factor in the running for Mr. Bold, although I placed second in the standings for the Straight Bangin’ Award and Mr. Manic-Depressive. Yes! I managed to avoid drawing the sort of attention to myself that would have guaranteed increased site traffic here at Dawg Sports. Wait . . . hold on . . . dang, I should have left B.Y.U. languishing at No. 22, then I could have been right up there with Dr. Saturday. . . .

As an aside, I should add a brief note regarding the BlogPoll’s founder and administrator, MGoBlog’s Brian Cook, who may or may not be rolling in cash today. I defended Brian (partially) against a commenter’s criticism, and I am glad to know that my faith was (again, at least partially) confirmed, as his announcement of the BlogPoll’s move to CBS Sports closed with these words:

This would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of voters new and old, even the ones I regularly battle over their voting philosophies, and I’d like to thank everyone for their participation.

O.K., so the praise there is not exactly effusive, but it’s something, so credit deserved to be given where credit was due.

Go ‘Dawgs!