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Don't Bet On It!: National Game of Disinterest

I hate to interrupt the intelligent discussion going on here at Dawg Sports to bring you something so utterly inconsequential, but, since I’ve taken you around the S.E.C. and picked the national games of interest, I find myself obligated now to identify the national game of disinterest.

That’s right . . . disinterest. Virtually every college football game has heft to it, some distinguishing feature, however small, that makes it worth watching and claiming a rooting interest. Each week, however, there is one game that lacks this crucial element, inspires only indifference, and does not deserve to be picked because it is unworthy even of a glance at the ESPN scroll to find out which team won.

This week’s national game of disinterest is . . .

Clemson at Wake Forest

Yes, I know; it’s a crucial showdown in the Atlantic Division . . . or the Coastal Division . . . or an interdivisional contest that could be a preview of the A.C.C. championship game . . . or not.

Honestly, it could be the biggest game in the post-expansion history of the Atlantic Coast Conference, and do you know how big that would be?


This game doesn’t represent a critical matchup on the path to Jacksonville; it’s a soporific snoozefest on the road to Dullsville. That would be bad enough . . . but can’t they schedule garbage like this on Saturday, when I can ignore it?

That’s right, boys and girls . . . this is your ESPN Thursday night game. There is no justice in the world if Erin Andrews is forced to be on the sidelines tomorrow night so she can ask Jim Grobe when he’s going to get a real job and/or ask Tommy Bowden whether he has everything in his office boxed up and set off to the side so it won’t be in Bobby Johnson’s way.

Supposedly, poaching three teams from the Big East was going to transform the A.C.C. into the country’s next "superconference," but the league has aged about as well as Bobby Bowden. How far has the A.C.C. fallen? On Thursday night, I will find myself wishing that I was watching a W.A.C. game instead. That, by definition, makes this the national game of disinterest.

Go ‘Dawgs!