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'Dawgs Drop Only Slightly in BlogPoll and Power Poll

While I was away, this week’s BlogPoll and S.E.C. Power Poll were released.

In the former, the 77 first-place votes were apportioned among No. 1 Oklahoma (44), No. 2 Alabama (31), and No. 3 Louisiana State (2). Georgia dropped to No. 11 but the Bulldogs retained the S.E.C.’s third-highest ranking, ahead of No. 12 Florida, No. 14 Auburn, and No. 16 Vanderbilt.

The conference rankings followed a similar pattern, with the Crimson Tide occupying the top spot with 18 first-place votes and the Bayou Bengals coming in second after being ranked No. 1 on two ballots. The Red and Black trailed by a wide margin in total points, but Georgia checked in at No. 3.

Go ‘Dawgs!