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Georgia Bulldogs Ninth in BlogPoll, Third in S.E.C.

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If it’s Wednesday afternoon, that means it’s time for the new BlogPoll to be released. Unsurprisingly, Texas is ranked No. 1, having received 75 of 77 first-place votes. The other two ballots ranked No. 2 Alabama and No. 3 Penn State in the top spot.

Georgia was ranked ninth, behind No. 7 Florida and No. 8 Texas Tech. My position with respect to the Red Raiders (which owed an enormous amount of credit to LD’s argument) got a mention and my ballot earned me the distinction "Mr. Manic-Depressive," which largely was a function of losses by three of my top 14 teams.

One of the nice aspects of resume ranking is that, as the season goes along and the impact of a particular outing is lessened, ballots like mine tend to become less and less outliers when set alongside a top 25 compiled by a power pollster. The extreme treatment given to some teams this week was due to the fact that my ballot consisted almost entirely of unbeaten and once-beaten teams, although I softened this approach somewhat and, almost inevitably, more than one two-loss team will appear on next week’s ballot.

This week’s S.E.C. Power Poll also places ‘Bama in the top spot, with 13 (possibly unlucky?) first-place votes, and the Gators in the No. 2 position, with a trio of No. 1 nods. The Bulldogs run third in the rankings.

Go ‘Dawgs!