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Don't Bet On It!: National Game of Disinterest

This week, we’re going to mix things up a bit. Rather than kick off this week’s picks by going around the S.E.C. or highlighting the national games of interest, I’m going to start by identifying the national game of disinterest.

Why, you may ask, am I doing such a thing? My reasons are twofold. First of all, after nailing the final score of the Georgia-Vanderbilt game, I received an e-mail from the Blogger Who Came In From the Cold, who told me that, this week, he would bet on it. Consequently, I want to delay my actual predictions as long as possible, so that cooler heads may prevail.

Secondly, the national game of disinterest had to be pushed to the forefront this week because the national game of disinterest is being played tonight. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this week’s national game of disinterest is . . .

Ohio (Ohio) at Temple

Let’s recap.

It’s Ohio (Ohio).

At Temple.

On a Tuesday night.

Both teams are 2-5.

In the M.A.C.

And it’s on a Tuesday night.

The visitors are 1-2 in conference play.

The home team is 1-3 in conference play.

And the conference in which both teams play is the M.A.C.

And it’s on a Tuesday night.

Seriously, if you’re a student at Temple University, do yourself a favor and spend the evening in the Bob Saget Reading Room in the Bill Cosby Library (I made those names up, but, seriously, as Temple alumni go, they could do a lot worse, right?) instead of going to this game.

I mean, if you go to the library, then you’re a dedicated student at a fine academic institution.

But, if you go to the game, you’re the guy who went to see Temple play Ohio (Ohio) in a game that is meaningless even by Mid-American Conference standards.

And you did it on a Tuesday night.

Folks, unless you’re that guy, you know full well that this is indeed the national game of disinterest.

On a Tuesday night.

Go ‘Dawgs!