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New BlogPoll, S.E.C. Power Poll Released

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Please pardon me for the radio silence regarding the BlogPoll and the S.E.C. Power Poll; I have been a little under the weather---actually, I am a lot under the weather---and that has put me somewhat behind the eight ball. My bad.

Now, to the matter at hand. As was helpfully pointed out over at MGoBlog, this week’s BlogPoll has been released. Texas received 47 first-place votes to lock up the No. 1 ranking, ahead of No. 2 Alabama (30) and No. 3 Penn State (1). Florida finishes fourth, ahead of the next highest ranked S.E.C. squad, Georgia, at No. 9.

As for the extracurriculars, my ballot finished third in the running for Mr. Bold and Mr. Manic-Depressive, and second in the chase for the Straight Bangin’ Award. Thank you, Saurian Sagacity!

The new S.E.C. Power Poll confirms the consensus: ‘Bama received all but one of the league bloggers’ first-place votes, with unanimity being prevented only by the casting of a No. 1 vote for the second-ranked Gators. The Bulldogs placed third.

Go ‘Dawgs!