When do the players flip the "switch"?

Between the Alabama and UT game, reading the analysis and posting comments at various blogs, I've come to the conclusion that everyone is banking on this "switch" to come on and UGA will make another magical run like at the end of 07. 

What is this switch?  Who flips it - the players or coaches?  Are they waiting for the same thing?  Or at least when are they planning on "flipping" it?  I know we were in the same position last year, but can we really count on lightning to strike twice?  Obviously, we haven't played the "complete" game yet - another thing everyone is waiting to see.  And of course, everyone is counting on the "win out and we'll be fine" theory. 

Look at the polls this week.  OU loses and only drops to #4.  USC jumps 2-4 spots with a craptastic win over ASU.  We defeat UT and stay the same in the polls.  Teams like Ok State jump us.  All of the Big 12 will play each other and eliminate themselves, but if there is a jumble of 1 loss teams between OU, USC, Alabama, Texas, Texas Tech, Missouri, OK State, Penn State and us, are you really confident that our loss to Bama won't be held against us like Va Tech's against LSU was last year?  We aren't winning with any style points (and those of you that deny they matter are not being honest with yourselves) especially compared to the other glamour teams like USC, OU, Penn State or Texas that apparently are going to get a bit more benefit of the doubt.  It is obvious that pollsters aren't just slotting people up and down anymore.  They are going to look at HOW you lose (and win).  Right now, UGA is viewed nationally as a good team, but not great. 

I'll always be proud to be a Dawg even if the "switch" doesn't come on.  I'll be at Vandy, the Cocktail Party, I'm making my first trip to Lexington this year, I'm debating a trip to Auburn and will be at the Tech game.  And I do still hold out hope that this is our year.


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