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Clemson Fires Tommy Bowden

The other shoe officially has dropped: Tommy Bowden has been fired.

As I mentioned in my BlogPoll ballot rundown, I had occasion to be in Clemson, S.C., on Friday, coincidentally on the day after the Tigers’ loss to Wake Forest, and I will say this for the Clemson faithful: I saw an awful lot of fans walking around wearing orange and purple, clad in gear emblazoned with tiger paws and the words "Clemson Tigers." It was a pretty impressive showing for a team that had just lost any realistic shot at a conference crown and knew that a coaching change was imminent (albeit not quite this imminent).

Let the "bring back Bobby Johnson" (native South Carolinian, Clemson alum, former head coach in the Palmetto State, successful head coach in a major conference) campaign begin in earnest!

If the predicted number of Bowden firings this season is 1.5, are you taking the over or the under?

Go ‘Dawgs!