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Muschamp to Texas? Who Knows?

Today's big coaching rumor not involving racial slurs centers on rumors of Auburn Defensive Coordinator and former Georgia defensive back Will Muschamp moving to Austin to take the "co-defensive coordinator" job at Texas, whatever that means. I think it's much like being Co-Dictator", but slightly different from "Co-Parenting". Who knows, really.

Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle says it's a definite maybe, but Muschamp did leave Austin without signing a deal. Muschamp himself says he's made no decision. He then called the reporter who tracked him down at the Auburn-Opelika Airport for that story a M***** F*****. Well, he didn't, but he could have. And it would have been OK with me. Montgomery's WSFA says it's a done deal.

You may certainly draw your own conclusions. I personally think it would be a nice little career move. While Muschamp has done well with the Auburn defense in his two years, serving as co-defensive coordinator at Texas would be a slightly upward, lateral-ish move to a place where he can get paid alternately in greenbacks or smoked brisket. Oh, and Mack Brown is far less likely to leave Austin than the most wind resistant coach in college football (Mark Mangino excepted, naturally) is to leave the Plains. And did I mention Texas pays its coaches with copious stacks of smoked beef? That's important. I'm guessing this gets fleshed out within the next 36 hours, one way or another. Stay tuned.