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Sunday Night Dawg Bites

As January winds down to its inevitable conclusion, we find ourselves on the verge of the first full calendar month without football. (Oh, all right, I guess they still play that pro game that gets sandwiched in between the advertisements and the halftime show, but even devoted playoff advocates know what a farce this Super Bowl is.)

Former Ole Miss quarterback . . .

. . . against former Michigan quarterback? Sounds like more Big Ten-S.E.C. feuding to me!

Consequently, we must steel our resolve and prepare to cope with the reality that, yes, there is more to life than college football season. There are, for instance, other college sports and college football-related offseason happenings; viz.:

Hear me now and believe me later.

By the way, I meant this kind of screwdriver!

  • What promises to be a significant 2008 season for the Diamond Dogs will get underway on February 22. (College baseball has a uniform start date this year, requiring Southern teams to delay the starts of their seasons because it's totally our fault that people in other parts of the country didn't have sense enough to establish their universities in locales with hospitable climates.) The Red and Black will face significant challenges, tangling with top-ranked Arizona, the Atlanta Braves, and two-time defending national champion Oregon State straight out of the gate, but the Bulldogs will begin their slate as the No. 24 team in the country.
  • Finally, for what it's worth, today marks a pair of noteworthy anniversaries in University of Georgia history. On this date in 1785, the Georgia General Assembly became the first state legislature in the United States to charter a state university. On this date in 1995, my wife, Susan, and I went out on our first date.
That should get you one step closer to Labor Day weekend. As Hank Hill once said to Peggy, we have to take it one day at a time, like the drunks do.

Go 'Dawgs!