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Help Wanted: C.F.B.A. Nominations and Georgia Attorneys Needed!

As you know, nominations are being solicited for The 2007 College Football Blogger Awards and your host, Orson Swindle, has broken it all down for you at Every Day Should Be Saturday.

If I win anything, I promise to keep my political opinions to myself. Also, I won't say, "You really like me!"

For the link-averse, these are the categories:

Best New Blog
Best Community
Best Writing
Best Post
Funniest Blog
Best Analysis
Best Mainstream Media Blog
Best Looking Blog
The Job Award
Best Audio
Best Regular Feature
Best Photoshop
Best YouTube
Best A.C.C. Blog
Best Big East/Notre Dame Blog
Best Big Ten Blog
Best Big 12 Blog
Best Pac-10 Blog
Best S.E.C. Blog
Best Non-B.C.S. Blog
Mythical National Champion
People's Champ Award

There are many benefits to being a part of this process, including having your facial hair complimented and being called one of "the Kodiak bears of the 'industry.'" (I'd feel better about the latter if the word "industry" wasn't in quotation marks.) However, it does involve its fair share of responsibility and I want to make certain that I leave no stone unturned.

Part of the purpose of the C.F.B.A.s is to call attention to some lesser-known blogs that deserve more recognition than they have received. Due to the proliferation of sports weblogs in the last year, however, it is hard to keep up, although, to his immense credit, College Football Resource certainly gives it the ol' college try.

You ever notice how they don't call it "the ol' pro try"? I don't think that's coincidental.

The C.F.B.A.s wish to identify and reward the best, but that sometimes requires that we look a little harder. Consequently, I feel the need to solicit active reader feedback before submitting my nominations. Which college football bloggers are most worthy of inclusion among the contenders for the foregoing honors?

Some honorees are glaringly obvious. (If you didn't already know Sunday Morning Quarterback offered the best analysis in the blogosphere, his recent discourse on recruiting surely convinced you.) For those that are not readily apparent, though, I would be most grateful if you could post your insights and recommendations in the comments below. While you're at it, go nominate a few luminaries of your own.

(Subliminal . . .

. . . nomination . . .

. . . suggestion.)

UNRELATED BUT IMPORTANT REQUEST TO GEORGIA LAWYERS WHO READ THIS BLOG: As many of you know, I am helping to coach a high school mock trial team in Henry County. On Saturday, February 16, McDonough will be hosting its own region for the second year in a row at the Henry County Judicial Center (to which a .pdf map may be found here). However, due to increased participation by local high schools and attorney-coaches from the Henry County Bar Association, we are running short on judges and evaluators.

Any members of the State Bar of Georgia who are able to volunteer their time on February 16 are humbly asked to sign up as a judge or an evaluator. Naturally, since your Dawg Sports readership might prejudice you for (or, although I hope not, against) the team I am coaching, you would need to disqualify yourself from judging a round in which my team (Luella High School) was participating, but your time and talents still could be put to good use judging some of the several other teams.

If you are an attorney who is available to assist in this worthwhile endeavor, please leave me a comment below, or, better yet, click here to e-mail Shanda DeLay directly and let her know of your availability. (Be sure to let her know I referred you to her, so she will know not to assign you to a courtroom in which my team is competing.) A .pdf version of the regional judging panel volunteer form may be downloaded here.

If you haven't been involved with Georgia high school mock trial before, you will be impressed with the poise and preparedness of these young men and women. I promise you that you will go home feeling better about your choice of profession after spending February 16 aiding in a worthy cause. Please leave me a comment below or e-mail Shanda DeLay without, um, delay. You'll be glad you did.

Go 'Dawgs!