My last Hawaii bashing......I promise X

I don't remember who posted this link, but i wanna thank them.

http://bleacherrepo -College_Football-Ge orgia_Bulldogs_Footb all-Sugar_Bowl_Previ ew_Hawaii_vs_Georgia

Almost anything that any UH fan brought up that had any factual basis was stolen from this article.
The guy would comment on UGA and you'd almost think he had a crystal ball.
Then, he'd switch to UH and start the "what if's", "but's", and "maybe's".
And at the end, he screwed it all up and got the islands in a frenzy by picking the Warriors.

"I've read tons of writers and bloggers who said, "If UH played our schedule, they would only finish with a .500 record at best". I might agree to this sentiment, but it can"t just be taken at face value. This has got to be the stupidest thing I have constantly read over the past month or so. The reason is because if UH played in the SEC, they would have an SEC type budget, with SEC type facilities, and be able to recruit top flight, blue chip, NFL quality players."

At least 50 UH fans stole that one.

It also happens to be untrue. Other than the fact that Herman Frazier would have no idea on how to appropriate the funds, SEC recruiting is regional. To make the above statement true, you'd have to move the islands to the Southeast.

But since this guy put so much time & effort to delve into some important questions, I feel the need to expend the same amount of effort in answering his questions.
1. Can Hawaii stop UGA's running game.

2. Can UGA capitalize if UH commits 8 or 9 men in the box?
YES (although I think the play action pass was implied here, we just ran straight through)

3. Can UH adjust to the speed of a SEC defense?

4. Who wins the time of posession battle?
Hawaii (surprised?)

5. Can UGA stop the UH offense?
IS A BULLFROG'S @$$ watertight?

6. When UGA gets to Brennan for sacks, will he hold on or fumble?

But here's my favorite part of this article.....
"2) UGA Coaching - HC Mark Richt, DC Martinez, OC Bobo of UGA have a total of zero years coaching in the NFL.
UH Coaching - HC June Jones has 12 years and McMackin has five years in the NFL.
Don't underestimate this point. Although having NFL experiene isn't a prerequisite to success in college football, I think it can be a factor. Why is this important? Giving NFL quality coaches one month to game plan is huge. I am not discounting coach Richt's ability, but I think no one brings this up because UGA is just more physical and fast, plays in the SEC, and Richt has had success over his seven seasons as a head coach, but I think game planning will play a big role.
Just as an example, recently UGA HC Richt said at their Monday press confrence that they have looked at "several" UH games on tape. Both the end zone and coaches tape, as well as the TV tape. Then I came across a quote from the UH DC McMackin saying that he has charted every single one of UGA's offensive plays that they ran this year. He said that UGA ran a total of 807 offensive plays this year and broke it down into percentage of runs to the left, right, and between tackles to passes on first, second, and third downs. Now that is paying attention to details and analyzing what they are up against. That was the first 2 days after the match up announcement. What will they do with the rest of the month? "
I have access to the notes from the December 9th meeting between Coach Mark Richt and defensive co-ordinator Willie Martinez.
CMR "This is the highest scoring team in the country, have you been working on a game plan?"

WM "I've watched a couple of games on tape."

CMR "A couple? They've played 12."

WM "I know, but there's no tape available on the other 10. In those games neither team had video equipment, & they certainly weren't on tv."

CMR "So, based on these tapes, do you think you can predict what their offense will do in different situations?"

WM "I do."

CMR "Ok. 1st & 10"

WM "They throw it."

CMR "2nd & 4"

WM "They throw it."

CMR "3rd & 1"

WM "They throw it."

CMR "What if they're trying to melt the clock?"

WM "They throw it."

CMR "It seems that you've done your homework. Do you think our scout team can simulate their offense?"

WM "I've got a plan."

CMR "Ok. How do you simulate their heisman candidate QB?"

WM "Logan Gray, true fresman, scout team QB. We make him wear 20 pound ankle weights to slow him down and make him throw a water-logged football so it cuts down his arm strength. That should be pretty close."

CMR "What about their 4 very talented wideouts?"

WM "I've arranged for the Athens Police Dept to loan me four inmates as part of a work-release program."

CMR "Ok, the final piece. How are you going to simulate their offensive line?"

WM "Simple. Wait until the end of band practice & borrow the trombone players."

CMR "Brilliant."

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