FOX Sports: Stick to Baseball, please. Or, American Idol.

Charles Davis is not ready to anchor sports in market #199 Mankato, MN.  He's a hack.  Even worse, he's a Tennessee hack.  If you're going to have a Tennessee hack call a football game, get someone who actually was good.  Maybe Al Wilson or Willie Gault or somebody.  Horrible.  

Tom Brennaman comitted the greatest Faux Pas in the history of broadcasting.  He referred to us as the Gators.  Damn you, Tom Brennaman.  Are you secretly Mark May's lover?  Did ESPN put you up to that?  I know the hour was late and Charles Davis' cologne was beginning to burn your eyes, but you are a dorkman.

Could Fox Sports run anymore commercials?  Could this game possibly have been stretched any longer?  Does Jimmy Johnson have anything to add?  Could you air one more pre-produced package on the Hawai'i Malaluca Shukalooka Ramalama DingDong overweight mascot dance?

Oh, and a word about instant replay.  What was that stupid zoom camera stuff promoting a commercial all about.  They would pick out a play that occurred about about 2 quarters earlier.  

It's too bad the Sugar Bowl was a guinea pig broadcast for FOX.  Too bad they had to do a "dress rehearsal" during an actual live BCS game to prep themselves for the later games on their schedules (with real announcers, I'm sure).  Poor Hawaii fans.  Hawaii fans had to two types of slaughter:  The first wrought by the Dawgs.  The second:  a protracted slow death on live television that could have been wrapped up about 2 hours before it eventually ended.

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