Who do WE think WE are?

Who do WE think WE are?
WE are University of Georgia! (U-G-A)

Who does UGA Think It is?
UGA is the Flagship University in The State of Georgia
UGA has a winning tradition that spans back to 1892
UGA is the largest institution of higher learning in the State of Georgia
UGA is 58th overall (public and private) in the nation
UGA is 38,831 students proud and strong
UGA is Larry Munsun and Lauren Smith blaring on an AM transistor radio
UGA is Fran Tarkenton, Herschel Walker, Charlie Trippi, Hines Ward, Garrisom Hearst, Terrell Edwards, Jim Cagle, George Woodruff, Wallace Butts and The B-52s,
UGA is Dominiqoue Wilkins, Chip Beck, Champ Bailey, Bill Goldberg, Billy Payne, Bill Stanfill, Vince Dooley (and Barbara), Pat Dye, Lewis Grizzard, Theresa Edwards, Knowshon Moreno, Mikael Pernfors, Bubba Watson, and REM
UGA is the greatest of all sports mascots... UGA I - VI (Watcha got Lauren)
UGA is the school that beats its in State rival so consistently they strive to be like us
UGA is surrounded by schools in the SEC with bigger budgets, richer traditions and more name recognition yet UGA never backs down
UGA is the team that historically has beaten Alabama, Auburn, Tenneessee, Florida, LSU, and others
UGA is the Rock that SEC Conference was built upon
UGA is Tailgating on Saturday afternoons in the hallowed confines of Athens (flask of bourbon and a fried egg sandwich)
UGA is not defined by any one man or woman but by tradition
UGA is not satisfied with mediocrity and 3 loss seasons
UGA is not satisfied with finishing 2nd in SEC Conference (or nation)
UGA is not satisfied with going to Bowl games before New Years Day

Who do WE think WE are?
WE think WE are the heart and Soul of SEC Conference and should compete for the championship every year
WE think WE are program that should be a top 10 program most every year
WE think WE are a program that should be competing with USC, LSU, and ND as BSC annual contenders
WE think WE should have played and beat USC in the Rose Bowl this year
WE think WE are a program that should excel in all academia and athletics
WE think WE are a program that not only meets but exceeds expectations

Who do WE think WE are?

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