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Recruiting Season Is Winding Down. Long Live Recruiting Season!

We're now less than a month away from National Signing Day, and the recruiting picture grows clearer by the day. Jefferson County offensive/defensive lineman A.J. Harmon has emphatically denied that he will still consider committing to Clemson, declaring that he's 100% committed to Georgia. Ditto for Griffin defensive end Toby Jackson. And Fayetteville, NC tight end Dwayne Allen.

I suspect the coaches have put the word out. All aboard who are coming aboard. It's also worth noting that Lakeland, FL center Ricky Barnum, who had been considering the 'Dawgs, has now committed to Florida. The Urbanator will also fly to Ohio this weekend to point and stare at highly touted offensive tackle Zebrie Sanders.

In short, it looks like we've got a full class, barring unforseen calamity or an opening the coaches are not talking about. We may add one more, but I would put the odds at less than 50%. We will likely have fewer scholarships to offer next year with only 14 seniors on the roster, and Coach Richt has historically shown remarkable restraint when it comes to over-offering on high school talent.

We can't take them all, but this year we've definitely taken our fair share. I'll be back tomorrow with some information on some of our 2008 commitments and 2009 targets from this past weekend's high school all-star games. In case you missed it, Rivals already has out its list of the Top 30 players in Georgia for next year, for the hardcore recruiting junkie. Have a safe weekend and remember, if you don't get help at Dawgsports, get help somewhere.