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Week Two BlogPoll Ballot Corrected

Not long ago, I submitted my most recent BlogPoll ballot, in which I had Colorado ranked eighth. An attentive reader reasonably asked, "Didn't they actually lose 33-14 to Arizona State?"

Unlike some A.P. voters I could name, I figured out a way to double-check the score and, sure enough, he was right. Obviously, this required both a correction and an explanation.

The explanation is this: I got home late last night from Athens and, as often is the case after a Georgia game, I couldn't sleep, so I went ahead and got to work on my BlogPoll ballot. I was checking scores on Sports Illustrated's website until the wee hours and I kept track of the Arizona State-Colorado game until it the score was final.

It's not impossible that, because it was late and I was tired, I misread the score, but I'm almost positive that the real-time game tracker had the score reversed, showing Colorado was winning by a 33-14 margin, rather than Arizona State. When I double-checked it earlier this evening, though, I saw that rmcleave was right, for which I am most apologetic.

Regardless of the reason for this error, whether it was Sports Illustrated's mistake or mine, a correction was in order, so I went back in and recast my BlogPoll ballot, which now looks like this:

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU 4
2 Oklahoma 6
3 UCLA 4
4 Washington 21
5 Missouri 21
6 Boston College 20
7 South Carolina 19
8 Iowa 18
9 South Florida 17
10 Clemson 12
11 Texas 1
12 Rutgers 7
13 Oregon 3
14 Arizona State 12
15 Wisconsin 11
16 Southern Cal 15
17 Cincinnati 9
18 Penn State 1
19 Alabama 7
20 West Virginia 18
21 California 18
22 Michigan State 4
23 Florida 8
24 Georgia 13
25 Georgia Tech 5

Dropped Out: Boise State (#6), TCU (#9), Louisville (#10), Virginia Tech (#13), Auburn (#14), Ohio State (#18), Nebraska (#21), Oregon State (#23), Brigham Young (#24).

The lone change involved removing the Buffaloes and inserting the Sun Devils, who beat San Jose State and Colorado convincingly to earn a No. 14 ranking. Every intervening team moved up one notch.

Once again, I apologize for the error and I appreciate the correction. Next time, I'll know better than to check scores when I'm sleepy.

Go 'Dawgs!