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Game Day Open Comment Thread and Honorary Captains

Welcome to your weekly game day open comment thread. For the benefit of any newcomers to the blogosphere who may not be familiar with the phrase "game day open comment thread," I would refer you to the wise words of one Dan Rydell:

Dan: Eleven years ago, he pitched a perfect game.
Rebecca: A perfect game?
Dan: Yes, ma'am.
Rebecca: And a perfect game is good?
Dan: Listen, I know there's a lot of jargon, but some of these are pretty self-explanatory.

Your thoughts, reactions, and exclamations regarding the day's college football action may be put forth for the good of the order in the comments below.

In the meantime, I am going to use this opportunity to inaugurate a new feature here at Dawg Sports. As you know, there is an honorary game captain on the field for the coin toss at every Georgia home game. I think this is a good idea in principle, but, oftentimes, it seems as though the athletic association trots out whatever former player happened to be available that day, without any particular rhyme or reason to it.

We here at Dawg Sports intend to name honorary game day captains, as well, but they will be former Bulldogs who are specific and appropriate to the occasion. Since this is the debut of this feature, I want to start things off with a big splash, so I will be naming two Dawg Sports honorary game day captains . . . one particular to the opposing team and the other particular to the opposing coach.

The team-specific honorary game day captain is Kirby Moore, whose 87-yard touchdown scamper against South Carolina in 1967 remains the third-longest T.D. run from scrimmage in Georgia history. Since 1892, the Bulldogs have notched eight rushing touchdowns covering more than 80 yards and three of those came against the Gamecocks.

The coach-specific honorary game day captain is, of course, this gentleman:

To you and me, he's Bill the Landfill, but, to Steve Spurrier, he will always be "Mr. Stanfill" . . . as in, "Heisman Boy, Mr. Stanfill will sack you now."

Go 'Dawgs!